Wednesday, 14 December 2016

What You Never Believe Love Was

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Sometimes it baffles me why we fall in love, why do our emotions and feelings exist, why God can’t just let this feelings and emotions not be part of our life but later realize life can’t be fun and interesting without the power of love. God create us in his own image and his likeness that means God has this same attributes of love and emotions, he feel for us too, he has affection and feeling.
To some people love is a beautiful but to others it hurt, that doesn’t change the fact that love still remain the precious gift on earth, what matters most is how we see it.
Love is a sacrifice, Love is a decision, Love is difficult, Love is unlimited, Love never Hurts, Love never get tired of one another, love never disappoint, Love is always there to support each other, love never discourage, love is sincere, loves don’t give up on each other, love is supernatural, Love never cheat, love is never disobedience, love never keep grudges, Love is caring, Love is God and God is Love.
Don’t let your opinion about love affect you from believing in love, no matter what you are passing through in love now is just a matter of time it will surely become a thing of the past, make the right decision from your mind on how you want your love to look like because “as the man thinketh so he is”.
God bless you


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