Tuesday, 13 December 2016

This is not a relationship issue, please help and support a sister.

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I am a young lady in my 20s who made a decision on the 31st of December 2015 not to have sex with any man again till marriage and by the Grace of God I've maintained. So April this year I met this older man he said he liked me and wants to be friends, I told him straight up my rules and he said No problems, that he was going to prove to me that all men are not the same. That he will assist me in every way possible that I'm now like his daughter.

So he actually kept to his words and was a friend to me. He promised to help me with my make up training but always kept postponing and I really wanted this training this year. I'm like the breadwinner in my family, My mum's business was taken from her early this year, so any money I get is what we feed with. I have five siblings all looking up to. I really needed a stable source of income. He gives me 25k every month but by September he stopped,i didn't ask him for money cos I don't really ask him for anything even he always insists I do but I don't know how to ask for things. So when he stopped I was like okay, he has really tried.
I didn't want to wait for his procrastination again I had to enrol for the training and paid a deposit of 20k remaining 30k cos the training cost is 50k I got a discount. I told him he commended me and all that he will complete whatever I need by November ending. When I called to remind him, he wasn't picking my calls and after like 3 days he called me to tell me he is sorry he can't continue like this, that he thought with all he had done for me I would've reconsidered my stand, I told him I it's okay I understand but I can't go back on my promise to God no matter what. I thanked him for all he has done for me.
Pls GT readers help me, I'm in a huge dilemma. Everyone I've reached out to for help have one story or the other, things are hard. The few that agreed has sex as a condition which I'm not ready to give anybody. Pls help me good people I need to pay the balance for my training and also buy the equipments I need to start up. I rather beg than go against God.


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