Tuesday, 13 December 2016

There Is Nothing Like a Perfect Relationship

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Please keep me anonymous. I read stories here everyday of how marriages, relationships fail and so on and I won't lie it scares me, I'm sure I'm not the only one with that fear because we all read you blog everyday and it's been educating and also serves as an eye opener and I say God bless you for it.
I just want to take out time to say something to your readers. Nothing is easy, aside from marriages and relationships, nothing good comes easy and that's why we work towards it. I'm going to address relationship issues because I'm not yet married.
I've come to realize that most times it's not just cheating that breaks a relationship. Ego, care free attitude, the inability to say sorry, lack of appreciation, lack of communication, so many assumptions, what friends say and so on is a very big problem in a relationship. People say keep your relationship out of social media, even if the media doesn't know about it, friends do and they can also break a relationship so all I'll like to say is this; to the men and ladies out there in a relationship, learn to communicate with your partner, if you don't like what he or she is doing say it immediately, don't bottle it in because we never know till you say it.
Most importantly please learn to use the word sorry!!! It goes a long way. Take out time to appreciate your partner no matter how little the thing they do is, appreciation makes them want to do more. Take out time to study your partner because no matter how bad someone is, they have a very big heart so take out time to study their weakness and help them out. Let their weakness be your strength and that's the only way to work it out because trust me if you keep breaking up your relationship because of little issues that can be resolved, you will find out that you've become MTN #everywhere you go#. Note to the ladies out there: A man who knows your worth will keep you off the market because he knows your kind is rare and priceless so never feel less of yourself. You are strong, beautiful, smart and amazing.


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