Saturday, 17 December 2016

Help!!! I Think Am Cursed

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 I think am cursed. They say am pretty and sexy but I think am cursed. The men have dated in my life, have drained me emotionally I can't deal or want to be with anyone anymore. I am pretty young just 22, but at my age I haven't even experienced a good relationship with happiness overflowing or a good man. The only guy that treated me with so much love was my first ever love at 17. We didn't last, I was pretty young , knew nothing but I knew I was in love. I was pampered and loved, my younger ones liked him. I can say am a good girl, I have turned down married men not one not two enough and even old men. It wasn't all about the money for me, I just wanted to show love to someone. I don't go out always doesn't mean am a Saint, I have a limit of guys I wanna be with all my life, I know what I wanna get out of life. But it's so difficult when you so good and they keep draining you emotionally. I am a Scorpio and we love real. But it's hard for me. I can't even find one, maybe I date d wrong ones but how would you even differentiate. It's difficult, my heart can't take it anymore. They say Lagos boys that, Lagos girls this but I don't judge why would I now be treated like d said "Lagos girls" cos pretty girls don't love just imagine. I try to use my stubbornness to cover up but am hurt, no one to talk to. It hurts me so bad.  Sometimes I would manage to date someone I think I love nd get treated shabbily. I would be so broke and wouldn't even be able to ask bae that's doing well for him self. My parents r okay but am d first and am working so I don't even like to stress dem. They tried by sending me to d best schools . I don't buy stuffs for myself sometimes I just wanna please people and I send money cos I hate to see people cry and beg. But why wouldn't I find a good man, that would love me and pamper me. My friends keep telling me how good their men are but yes am happy for dem but am so sad wondering when mine would come. I am young I know but I wanna be with one person , I don't mind been with him for long before marriage, I just want someone to love me nd take care of me, pamper me silly nothing more.


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