Wednesday, 30 November 2016


In our contemporary world today, sex is often seen as a proof of love. In most relationships, sex is generally accepted and practiced as just a way to show that they love each other. If a girlfriend denies her boyfriend sex, the boyfriend tends to believe she does not love him or she is seeing another guy. But, is sex really meant just for the recreational (fun) part? Sex is meant to be practiced between married couples and not just boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. If really sex is meant to be a proof of love, why then do we not have sex with our family members and best friend all in the name of proving our love?

            It is an undeniable fact that sex is very important in every love affair, but, there is time for everything and the best time to have sex is when you are married. Having sex with anyhow person as a proof of love could be very dangerous because sex is a blood covenant between both partners practicing it. Sex is called love making because it involves the body, soul and spirit. Even married couples do not have sex to prove their love, they rather have sex because sex is a part of marriage and it is meant for both procreation and recreation-childbirth and enjoyment. If you want to know a woman’s love or man’s love for you, sex is never the answer.

            Is sex a proof of love to you?


  1. but why is that all question is been directed to guys only and not girls. If a guy refuse to give his girl sex the thing the girl will do is to start seeing other guy who can or she can decide calling the guy impotent. But sex is not a proof of love

  2. Yea, i agree with the admin. Sex is best enjoyed in marriage and not outside wedlock. But d fact remains that, today's youths practices it for fun. Thats the fact.


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