Monday, 19 December 2016

Sad: Lady shot dead in Ikorodu Traffic by armed robbers, daughther Kidnaped

According to Segun Fajol who shared the story on twitter, his friend's wife was killed by armed armed robbers during a robbery in traffic on Ikorodu Road, Lagos on Friday December 16th. Her daughter was also kidnapped by the robbers. What a tragedy! So sad!

Funny: Meet The Guy That used his Female Friend as his Bestman

Can this be real? yes it is

the lady was perfect and cool....

Father Burnt Children With Knife For stealing Fish in Ondo

Alhaji Kasali Mumuni, 41, has been arrested for allegedly burning the stomachs of his two children, Maryam, 9, and Ojonla, 6, with hot knife in Owo, Ondo State 
Kasali has been married thrice but report had it that none of his wives stayed with him for more than three years before they were sent packing with their children. .
Vanguardngr gathered that Kasali  left home that fateful day for work, only to return to discover that the only fish in the pot had been eaten.

It was learnt that one of the children took half of the fish in the pot and, when their step- mother returned from where she sells herbs, she  ate the remaining half.

Meanwhile, when the father of the house came much later and his food was served without fish, hell was let loose. The step-mother, who allegedly was not comfortable with the continued stay of the two children in the house, was said to have heaped the blame on the kids.

 Narrating  what she and her sibling went through, Maryam said it was actually true that Ojonla ate half of the piece of fish in the pot and that when their step-mother returned from her shop, she ate the other half.

Maryam said that their father beat them mercilessly and later went into the kitchen to light  the stove and put a knife on it. "When the knife was hot and turned red, he pressed it on our stomachs one after the other. .
We cried and begged but our father refused to remove the knife. Our neighbors, who heard our cries, rushed to the scene only to be told by our father that they should mind their businesses.

He held us down  for several minutes as the knife was pressed on our stomachs." Neighbors later informed officials of the  Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)  who rushed to the scene and rescued them.
Kasali  has since been arrested and the mother of the two children, who relocated to Ila Orangun, Osun State, after her divorce from the suspect, is back in  Akure to take care of them.

Photos: End of The Road For This Robber

Everyday is for the thief one day is for the owner.
The suspected robber was trying to get away after burglarizing a house in Robertsham, South Africa Saturday night when he accidentally impaled himself on the sharp railings of the fence. More photos after the cut...

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Help!!! I Think Am Cursed

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 I think am cursed. They say am pretty and sexy but I think am cursed. The men have dated in my life, have drained me emotionally I can't deal or want to be with anyone anymore. I am pretty young just 22, but at my age I haven't even experienced a good relationship with happiness overflowing or a good man. The only guy that treated me with so much love was my first ever love at 17. We didn't last, I was pretty young , knew nothing but I knew I was in love. I was pampered and loved, my younger ones liked him. I can say am a good girl, I have turned down married men not one not two enough and even old men. It wasn't all about the money for me, I just wanted to show love to someone. I don't go out always doesn't mean am a Saint, I have a limit of guys I wanna be with all my life, I know what I wanna get out of life. But it's so difficult when you so good and they keep draining you emotionally. I am a Scorpio and we love real. But it's hard for me. I can't even find one, maybe I date d wrong ones but how would you even differentiate. It's difficult, my heart can't take it anymore. They say Lagos boys that, Lagos girls this but I don't judge why would I now be treated like d said "Lagos girls" cos pretty girls don't love just imagine. I try to use my stubbornness to cover up but am hurt, no one to talk to. It hurts me so bad.  Sometimes I would manage to date someone I think I love nd get treated shabbily. I would be so broke and wouldn't even be able to ask bae that's doing well for him self. My parents r okay but am d first and am working so I don't even like to stress dem. They tried by sending me to d best schools . I don't buy stuffs for myself sometimes I just wanna please people and I send money cos I hate to see people cry and beg. But why wouldn't I find a good man, that would love me and pamper me. My friends keep telling me how good their men are but yes am happy for dem but am so sad wondering when mine would come. I am young I know but I wanna be with one person , I don't mind been with him for long before marriage, I just want someone to love me nd take care of me, pamper me silly nothing more.

University Of Ilorin Website Hacked Again

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The better by far university website has been hacked again by some so called indonesian hackers. Few months ago the school website also had same issue but the website was given a compulsory upgrading which was never expected now i just don't know what they will do this time around. This has become a frequent problem i think the school authority need to look for a good solution to this so it won't spoil the school reputation...

When you enter the school url: this is what pops out


Thursday, 15 December 2016


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Mummy’s boy, you are now a man. Tomorrow
you will have a new mother, a new cook and a new person to share all your secrets with. It will no longer be me but her.

Love your new mum even more than you love me. Before you walk into her arms forever, let me give you some words to guide you.

There was a day I was arguing with your father.

We were screaming, Tempers were high. I was angry and He was angry. Then I called him an idiot! He was shocked,

He looked at me asking
how dare I call him that, Immediately started calling him idiot, fool, stupid, crazy, I called him all sort of name.

Guess what he did? He didn’t raise his hands to hit me. He just walked away, banging the door as he went out.

My Son, If your father had hit me and destroyed my eyes, how will you feel sitting here with me today? How will you regard him as your father?

Would you have been proud of him or would
you be blaming me for calling him names?

Never hit your wife! No matter the provocation
just walk away and things will be normal.

Whenever she offends you, think of this story I
just told you, it could have been your mum!

After he left, I was filled with guilt. We slept on same bed that night and I went to him the next day.

I pleaded with him, I did all I could to show am sorry and he forgave me. That day I cooked his favourite food, yes you know he loves Pounded yam & Vegetable soup right?

After that day, I never called him names, my respect for him was ten times stronger.

There is something very important you must always do, my son listen very carefully, defend your wife. When she is under pressure, stand by her. If your friends hates her, it is your duty to make them see her as a Queen. Your Uncle, I mean Uncle Yusuf, never liked me.

But Ur father was always supportive until his perception changed.

There was a day your Father was going to host the owner of his company and friends. They were three of them.

That day I was in the
kitchen cooking for them and your father went to buy drinks.

When the table was set and food was served.

Everyone started eating. Then I
remembered I did not add salt in the food. I
was embarrassed.

Your father tasted the food and looked at me. He immediately turned to the guests. He told them that he instructed his wife last month not to add salt whenever she is cooking because of some problem with his body.

He said it in a funny way and everyone laughed!

The guests understood and he asked me to
bring salt and everyone added according to their taste. He managed to eat the food without salt.

After the guest left, he went on his knees and asked God to forgive him for lying.

Your wife is like a baby, sometimes she don’t
know what to say or do. Stand up and speak for her!

Now let me talk to you about Sex. You see Sex
is a wonderful thing.

Do not be surprised if your wife enjoy and need Sex more than you do.

There were days, I needed Sex more than your father and there were days he needed it more than me but the important thing is to always try to satisfy the other when they need you.

Don’t always think of your self.

There was a time things were hard and I
needed to do two jobs to support your father.
One night I was so tired. When I got to bed he was in the mood. He try to make love to me and I didn’t refuse him. I was tired but I felt I needed to be there when he needs me.

When he tried undressing me, he saw my look and he stopped. He asked what was wrong and I said nothing. But he understand me better.
He stopped and then started telling me stories until I fell asleep.

My son, Sex is best enjoyed when the two
parties are physically and mentally ready for it.

Sometimes, read your wife and understand her.

Make it a habit to go anywhere with your wife. Beside your job, move around with her.

If anyone invite you to his house and told you not to come with your wife then be very careful.
Use wisdom.

I know you love mummy… I know you will tell me all your problems. But now things will be different.

Let your wife be the first to know before me. Let her be the first to see before me.

When you have problems with her don’t run to me immediately.

Wait for a day to pass and then talk to her about it. Pray about it.

Report her to nobody but talk issues out within yourself.

Finally, don’t forget to come and visit me with
your wife every month!

I know you will have a happy home.

You will always be mummy’s boy.

God will bless Ur

Pls don't forget God, pray & seek His
assistance always..

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